Cupcake Chic



I took a little blogging break in July but I am back and in honor of my summer birthday this post is all about the cupcake. Have you noticed it's resurgence? I have become a little obsessed and still on a local search for the perfect one. I am still partial to Little Red Hens in NYC...

In the meantime, I have found stylish cupcakes for every age from organic crib bedding to my favorite Tiffany charms. Notice how cupcakes go a long way if you are not eating them :)

Are you decorating your child's room with a cupcake theme or craving something sweet for you? Here are a few tips:

1. Consider Pink and chocolate paint colors or
candy colored stripes for the perfect backdrop and the rest is in the decadent details.
2. Select
favorite artwork, a charming picture frame, switch out a few cabinet knobs and your well on you're way....all of which can easily be recycled in a year or two.
3. Keep the colors and design simple and fresh. Resist overdoing it.

What I would really like to do soon is plan a cupcake & cocktails party. We'll have to wear the part, Break open the cupcake kit, send out the cupcake invites and check out all the adorable party favors from tea light holders, to mini candles.

Organic Cupcake Tee, Crib Bedding & Artwork Bedding
Apron & Plates
Eco Friendly Gift Wrap

PS. How cute is the
Halloween costume?