Julie & Julia - Happy Birthday Julia

Tomorrow is Julia Child's birthday, born August 15, 1912. Like many, my husband and I went to see Julie & Julia last Saturday night. Yes, there are some harsh critics out there, but I thought it was just wonderful! I knew I was going to love the scenes in Paris and the food of course, since I love to cook and I love everything French. Meryl Streep was fantastic, a complete transformation from let's say, her character in Mama Mia. But I was also particularly inspired by Julie's commitment to her blog. And Julie & Julia's mutual desire to make a difference with food and writing.

It has inspired me to take time to revel in joie de vivre. This week, we have taken time to look at our pictures from Paris & Provence, enjoy wine together on our balcony in the evenings and I am reading My Life in France, Julia's memoir. I also tracked down Julie's blog http://www.juliepowell.blogspot.com/. Reading all of her previous entries and her current insight is fascinating.

This will be the first of my posts celebrating everything I love French. We will also begin Miami Moments for those living in South Florida. Miami Moment: Through September 4, Darryl Moiles, executive chef at Four Seasons Palm Beach is offering a special menu featuring Julia Child’s favorite recipes from The Art of Cooking. Julia Child frequently dined at Four Seasons Boston and visited the kitchen where Chef Moiles began his career.


vicki archer said...

I can't wait for this movie..Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

nicolette said...

Julia was less irritated than simply uninterested. It's hard to imagine. Guess I'll have to go see the movie to see what it's all about.