Architecture for Humanity & Sustainability

The Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami is now showcasing local artists and designers during their 5 Minutes of Fame & Time For Design Wednesday night forums. This past Wednesday night was a phenomenal discussion on sustainable architecture & design. Jennifer Siqueira, founder of Architecture for Humanity Miami spoke about their new local chapter and their goals for a more sustainable Miami. Architecture for Humanity promotes sustainable communities through the power of design. Their first local project in Miami was a community vegetable garden in Coconut Grove.

Another Architect, Hugo Mijares of Modulaire also showcased his designs. His team won 2nd place in the Live The Box competition for their mixed use development. His passion is to maximize design by minimizing the impact on the environment. How? By recycling self supporting, infinitely indestructible cargo containers. They are fascinating and you may have seen other very cool prototypes like those above by Adam Kalkin. But this is the only firm I know of in Miami who is looking to reuse them for residential, commercial and high density mixed use spaces. Four to seven of these 8 x 20 ft shipping containers, 8000 lbs of corrugated steel, may be attached for one single family home. Simple marine grade plywood, plantings and pools are all designed within this very affordable, eco friendly and functioning structure. Word is that you may spot one in Miami during Art Basel.

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