Holiday Chic Table Settings

Here are a few of my favorite table settings that I think would be stunning for the holidays. And fairly easy to recreate. Here are a few tips. Forgo the table cloth. Dress up your table with an unexpected, colorful fabric. Love this Madeline Weinrib ikat with the gold accents. Almost anything you pull out of the oven will look great now.

Jewel tones are so seasonal and rich. The pairings of color with rustic textures, sizes & shapes exude sophistication.


Add charming, whimsical vignettes, with items you may even have at home, for great conversation starters and a lighter touch. I think the key here is to make sure the smaller elements don't get lost on the table. The height of the glass bell jar is the perfect showcase.


Oversized natural foliage & fruit with candle pillars will create drama. All candles should be unscented so not to compete with the aromas of dinner.

There is nothing more beautiful than the simplicity of classic white.

Rachel Ashwell for House Beautiful

Layer vintage trays, heirloom tea cups & traditional linens with your other pieces. Knowing that you will create an eclectic and inviting table like this is sure to lessen the pressures of the day.

Share your resolutions or what you are thankful for on a gilded branch. Love how this stylish centerpiece will also engage your guests.


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Ooh, aah! I love a beautifully set table.

Slices of Beauty... said...

Cute, cute they all are!

Virginia said...

I love these images of beautiful tablescapes! Although not much of an entertainer, I love the possibility of it. I was surprised to see the gilded branch with the tags for thanksgiving blessings, because I created a similar (although much more humble) tablescape this Thanksgiving, Our branch was from the backyard rather than gilded and we hung drawn turkeys from the branch, along with our blessings. We called it the gratitude branch. I love your beautiful version as well as our more simplified one. Very inspiring! Thank you for posting.

annechovie said...

Beautiful selections - have a lovely weekend!

michèle said...

I love that first colorful table - it is gorgeous - it looks like a table from a Matisse painting. Those colors, so cheerful and elegant would put anyone in a good mood - furthermore as orange and yellow are appetite stimulant colors, the dinner is sure to be a hit!