Resolution: Be Gorgeous & Green

Is becoming more Green one of your resolutions? Here is the easiest way to begin without sacrificing style, and certainly one of the most fun, look into your own beauty box. Read the long lists of ingredients in those products. Part ways with as many cosmetics as possible that are artificial and unhealthy. Then, shop for your cause...and incorporate all natural ingredients into your routine. My Fave:

Bare Escentuals. 100% Pure, All Natural, Easy To Use, No Makeup Remover Necessary, Lasts Forever...and oh the packaging is super cute! So who could resist being good to yourself. And don't miss the little pots of color for your eyes and every mood too. I just found the lid primer in a stick which helps them last all day. My Fave: Faux Tan, the perfect all over bronzer.

Now for the even better news, if you are in South Florida check out their new boutique at the Aventura Mall.
What are your faves?

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Lynn said...

I agree that we need to switch to more pure cosmetics. I've never understood why manufacturers have to put all these chemicals in something that goes on our skin. Yuck. With all the great products out there, this resolution should be an easy one to keep!