Resolution: Organize

I have to admit I watched the end of the Bachelor the other night and noticed one of the girls who spoke of her Vision Boards did not receive a rose. I think the Bachelor may have been a bit spooked by her passion. However, they are a great way to visualize and express your goals. Like most fashion houses and Interior Designers, we use them all the time to create a collection or project, from concept to reality. Here are a few tips on how to develop your own story for 2009 & get organized in a green way for the New Year:
  1. Create a Storyboard/ Vision Board - Add a cork Bulletin Board to your office. And if you have children consider the laundry area or playroom..and make it a family project. Flip through old magazines and favorite items and create a collage about what is meaningful to you and your family for 2009. Post special family photos; inspirational words; favorite activities; places you would all like to explore or vacation to this year; a pet you may hope to rescue; a school you may be applying to etc. Throughout the year take the time to look at the board, add new images and follow your dreams.

  2. Prioritize Time for Yourself - Taking a few minutes of personal time for special thoughts will help clarify each day. Honor the moments with a new, beautiful journal or eco weekly planner.
  3. De Clutter & Donate - It's time. Clean out your office, closets and your kid's rooms. If you have not worn it in the last two seasons, you must get rid of it because you will never wear it. Box up financials and return holiday gifts that have not been used. When it comes to toys, ask your child to name their favorites and let them participate in the process of cleaning up. Those that are still taking up too much space but may be special can be moved to a best friend's or Grandma’s house. Then take a trip with your child to the nearest goodwill or consignment shop and donate the remaining toys and clothes.

  4. Personalize your Space - Add stylish, personalized buckets and boxes to every room. Whether it is the remote, magazines, papers or toys, every family member will enjoy knowing that their is a special, designated personalized space for them to store their favorite things.

  5. Protect Photos & Drawings - Go through your old photos and any drawings by the kids that may be laying around and organize and label them in shoe boxes or containers that you may already have in the house. They will hold and protect many more memories than old albums. If you have young children, you may want to select a few favorite drawings, frame them and hang them around your home.


Alisa Bowman said...

I'm always doing some form of decluttering. It really makes me feel focused and lighter. And I decided today that if I get rid of a few pairs of shoes I have not worn in a while, then I should really replace them with at least one new pair. Just thinking out loud here.

Sarah Jackson said...

Good advice..I just tackled my kitchen cabinets. I was totally mortified by how many duplicate pumpkin pie spices I found. But the relief of an organized cabinet was well worth the embarrassment!