Michelle Obama Plants Garden at White House

Tomorrow, First Lady Michelle Obama, her daughters and 23 fifth graders from a local school will plant the 1st garden at the White House since Eleanor Roosevelt's Victory Garden. However, this one will be an organic compost garden including 55 varieties of herbs, fruits & veggies.

It is very exciting news, just days after one of my favorite Chef's Alice Waters pleaded her wish on 60 minutes . While I have not had the opportunity to eat at her restaurant in Berkley, CA, I love her recipes and her passion for simple, seasonal, local ingredients. Her Chez Panisse foundation has initiated edible school gardens across the country and I am sure she is just thrilled.
And it has been just a month after Eat the View, a network of gardeners began their campaign to plant high-impact food gardens in high-profile places. They asked the Obamas to lead the way by replanting a Victory Garden on the First Lawn. There were 75,000 signatures.
Well, yes they can! The Obamas are continuing to bring change that will inspire their girl's at dinner and families across America to respect and enjoy natural, healthy fruits and vegetables and homemade foods from the USA.

NY Times photo

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