Bromstad Debuts Mythic Paint Colors

I know I have not blogged since Earth Day. I suppose I was distracted in May but I am jumping back in with a goodie. David Bromstad, from the HGTV hit show Color Splash, is introducing a new color collection for Mythic Paint with new palettes available this summer. And Derek from Broward Mythic Paint recently gave me a first look.

The colors have a broad appeal, like his show they are nature inspired and fashionable yet very practical to suit any room, any home and any mood.
What sets Mythic Paint apart from other paint? It is non toxic. Zero VOCs (Volatile organic compounds that are bad for you and the environment). Excellent Coverage. No Odor. No Warning Labels. No compromising. Mythic will match any color.

My Bromstad picks:
America the Pewterful - lavender gray
Al Cappuccino - cocoa
What a Diva! - pink
If you are considering a paint color and would like assistance, feel free to email me a question or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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nicolette said...

Paint colors are hard to pick, and swatches are definitely useful resources for anyone planning to do it.