Giving Gifts of Thanks to Baby & Mom

The holiday season is upon us! Well, officially after Thanksgiving but we are really just a week and a half a way, so it is time to start thinking about the gifts we will be choosing. Meaningful, heartfelt gift giving for our family and friends may be more important this year than ever with the elections just over and the hard economic and environmental challenges ahead. It is actually a very inspired time to reflect and cherish those who are important to you.

Here are a few gift shopping tips for the new moms and their little ones on your list:

Treat them to one of a kind and affordable luxury items that you know they do not have.

Buy from a wish list or ecommerce/retail for easy returns.

Select Natural and sustainable materials to avoid allergies and bad reactions. Bamboo and organic cottons, if you have not tried them yet are sooo super soft. Also purchase toys that are PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and toxic free.

Take the time to find Made in the USA items. It is so important to support our local businesses. Chances are, you know where they are located; less toxins are emitted into our environment from less travel and they are sweatshop free. It’s all good.

Personalize your gift (when you know the family well) and they will cherish hand painted artwork or a book that is customized with the child’s name…for years to come.

Give Back – Companies today are proud to give back. Find a gift where a portion of the proceeds is donated back to a worthy cause or an organization that is meaningful to you. This is the greatest gift of all…and a special way to share the cause with your little one.

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Alisa Bowman said...

Thought I would share a gift idea that I just discovered this weekend. My 4 year old told me about one of her dreams. I thought it sounded like a good story, so I sat at my computer and typed while she re-told it. Then I put in page breaks and used an interesting font. I printed out the pages and asked her to draw pictures on each of the pages. I'm going to copy it and bind it and give it to the grandparents and a few close family friends for the holidays.

And if "The Bad Goblin, A Princess, An Old Lady, and a Dragon" ever hits the best seller lists, you first heard about it here!

caroline@justbecausejewelry said...

Great tips, Lisa! I recently bought some darling newborn items from Baby Gap that were made of organic cotton. They were a gift for my cousin who recently had her first baby. So sweet. I love the look and feel of organic materials! Maybe I need to start buying organic clothes for me too!

Also, congrats on launching the blog! I was hoping you would accept the 'tagged' baton for the '7 things about me' post, so that we could get to know you better. Details are available on my blog. Thanks!