A Green and Barefoot Thanksgiving

There is one more week until Thanksgiving! What will you be serving? How will you be decorating your table? I am not the biggest Turkey lover, but I especially love Thanksgiving when we are with great family and friends…and when there are lots of yummy sides. I am thankful that this year that will be the case. And I will be cooking much of it.

I love to cook for the holidays and one of my very favorite chefs is Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa. I enjoy her casual, easy style and her love of local, fresh foods. I also share her Parisian and Provencal inspiration. Just over a week ago, I had the great opportunity to meet her at a book signing at Books & Books in Coral Gables.( more on this Miami Fave in an upcoming blog) While she is so personable, it was a bit disappointing that she had no time to chat or personalize her signature. Still, her new cookbook, Barefoot Contessa, Back to Basics: fabulous flavors from simple ingredients is wonderful.

While reviewing her new book, I thought, what a wonderful cookbook and gift for those who would like to Greenify Thanksgiving.

Here are a few tips from Ina that are absolutely Green:

  • Focus on simplicity, quality & flavor to bring out the essence in your foods. Use the best ingredients and less equipment & kitchen gadgets.
  • Shop locally and at fresh markets.

“Each ingredient has a season, and that’s generally the time it’s most flavorful. Not only is it more likely to be grown or raised locally-and ripened on the vine-it’s also likely to be fresher and less expensive."

  • Fill your home with wonderful smells like of baked apples and pumpkin pie.
  • Entertain simply and with beautiful flower arrangements – perhaps handpicked
  • Enjoy friends and family.

    Our CLB Decorating Tips:
  • Bring in leaves or mini pumpkins/squash to use as place card holders, simply write your guests names on them.
  • Use a mix of tea towels, china or antique tea cups for a personalized table.
  • Create a centerpiece with fresh fruit or pumpkins.
  • Give a donation to those less fortunate.

Here’s my Barefoot & Green menu with a few personal touches:

  • Ina's Pomegranate Cosmos
  • My Mom's Squash Soup which we LOVE and which happens to be similar to Ina's amazing Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple soup with Curry, scallion, cashews and banana condiments (optional)
  • My sister in law's Turkey with Dried Fruit
  • My favorite Mushroom Stuffing by Jacques Pepin
  • Cranberry Sauce with Grand Marnier ( I think this is also Ina's)
  • Ina's Over Roasted Vegetables: potatoes, fennel, asparagus and string beans
  • Ina's Pumpkin Roulade and/or my sister in-law's Pumpkin Bread with Apple Butter

    Happy Thanksgiving

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cathy begun said...


Glad to meet another Barefoot Contessa lover! She is my "go-to" for my cooking needs! Easy, Simple, and Elegant! Right up my alley!

My families faves have been the Kitchen Clambake, Oven Roasted Carrots, Crab Cakes, and Roasted Chicken. Her ideas are great and you can also embellish them to truly make them yours! From my table to yours ~
Happy Thanksgiving!