Mod Green Pod - Eco Chic Fabrics

I am on a quest for fabulous eco chic fabrics and have come across some great finds. Today, I revisited one of my very favorite collections of 100% certified organic cotton fabrics and wallcoverings from Mod Green Pod. And found out that they have changed their processes setting a new, healthier and more affordable industry standard that is way below the cost of comparable non-organic designer lines. Amazing!

Why are these fabrics a healthier, safer option for the environment, your home and particularly the baby's room? Because there are no pesticides in the organic cotton, no toxic chemicals used in their water based processes and no additives in the finish that can lead to allergies or disease. Plus they are all produced in the United States.

I am loving this fresh, high end collection with great graphics that will add pop to any room. I can't wait for my samples of the new collection to arrive!


Kristin said...

Love Bloom.


There is something about poppies that is so charming and fun!

Nancy Mims said...


Looking forward to following your blog!